Retired outdoor fella

Could an old retired codger pan/sluice enough gold to make some drinking money weekly by spending 3 days aprox.
Thanks in advance. Geoff. PS West Coast NZ.sth. Island.


depends on where you go and where on the coast you live do you have a 4wd. pretty open question

not in the places ive been. :grin:

Thanks. I’m planning to live in the Greymouth area with no where specific. I can get a 4wd.
An open question I realise but looking for something to occupy my spare time and enjoy the outdoors. Cheers.

Lots of outdoors here and hope you have lots of time,I’m in Hokitika if you want to go for a scratch and dig

Just strick a deal with a claim owner and sluice on a claim, even the public fossicking areas produce good gold occasionally, I just spent new year up there and found 2 guys who would let me on their claims to play - they both average 20g a day! How much beer can you drink :slight_smile:

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I’ve been working on my home brew for a couple of years so maybe three + bottles a night, keen as

Thanks mate. Is there a dept. or somewhere to find who has a claim and whereabouts.

Nzpam website will tell you who owns what on the map, the old paydirt website also has the info. You’ll find most of the owners on here.

Thanks. I’ll keep you in mind. Cheers.

Thanks for the info. Big help cheers.