Research an permission granted

For a few years now I’ve heard of a miners hut on the river and finally got to detect it
Dates late 1800s built from pit sawn kauri… On arrival was blown away old bottles skrewn everywhere… Old shotgun holes in the wall turned the xcal on then the nightmare started I’ve never heard so much shit in the ground it was like a rubbish dump first time I’ve enjoyed digging a leadhead anyway a few pics of the site



love those old digs,cool.

Brilliant old hut, the timber is beautiful.
Did you look in the roof space? Usually where possums and cool old bit’s and pieces are.

Has that hut got three doors?
Even more than one seems a lot for it’s size.

Waikino School of mines/museum
lovely old building inside still in good shape
interesting things still inside left behind.

Went exploring today