Replica Nuggets

Hi All

Been a long time since I’ve been here. Anyway still alive and just kicking :laughing:. Old age sucks. The Golden Years is just a myth. The amount of pills I have to take throws that right out the door. 76 now. So my gold hunting days are sadly well over. To many aches and pains.

Anyway way back I mentioned I had got into creating replica gold nuggets. Now not having any nuggets on hand I had to improvise a bit. So my casting was done by using plain ole Little Rock’s. Those I have plenty of. JW asked why would I want to do this. Well JW I figured I would corner the Nigerian gold market. And sell them in Nigeria. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. But an idea I had was that if somebody was lucky enough to have one of these rare things. And circumstances had come about. That meant it had to be sold. Well if they decided they could trust me. But more importantly NZ Post. Send it to me and for a nominal fee. I could create them a replica. With no damage whatsoever to their treasured beauty. But alas like many of my hobbies. Once I had mastered the process, it fell to the wayside. I did use quite a few of my replicas in jewellery. And lots of my and my partners family are now in possession of a gold nugget necklace. Will I get back into it. Well I guess I will eventually. Anyway I was showing my 6 year old grandson in Aussie on FaceTime. Some of the things Grandad makes. And the little Bugga is going to raid my Fort Knox. So a couple of nuggies and two crystal creations are soon to be on the way to him. Oh making Crystals was something else I got into. Oh and Rock tumbling. Much of which was turned into jewellery. Yep the relies did well again. The whole original idea bloomed and I was gunna go to markets. Set up my table and grow Rich :money_mouth_face:. But I tired of that idea too. Frig this idea”s ended up costing me a small fortune. Anyway thought I would share a few pics as I’m sitting here on my bum. With nothing to do. Visited here, and thought well. Maybe ya”s will think I’m dead and gone. So here I am. Frig I’ve even forgotten my nick on here, oh well.

Cheers Trev will do. *

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And now to upload the pics. As I forgot how to do that too.


A few more.


Hi Trev
Good to see you are still keeping your hand in. Missed you on the forum. Nice work on the photo’s.

Hi Trev. I have been thinking of you lately & wondering how you were. Good to hear from you. Nice nuggets too. Cleaver wee bugger aren’t you… :slightly_smiling_face:
We need more of your entertaining yarns mate, so don’t be a stranger on here. Even if you don’t let the truth get in the way of a good yarn. :joy:

Take care.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Love the nuggets! Absolutely marvellous.

Gold hunting days are over? - dont talk bloody twaddle! I epitomize the very meaning of ‘The Walking Dead’ - if there was an audition for the role I would get it without acting but it doesnt stop me…
Backs killing me, necks killing me, left elbow is defunct, wrist is painful. Hernia gives me hell and combined with stomach ulcer I feel like something the Kempai Tai had just spent a day with - but I aint giving up…yet.
If the Grim Reaper comes at night he will get the shock of his life when I tell him to ‘**** off’ because old age, aches and pains arent going to stop me getting out there.


Great to see The Three Wise Men. Are still with us on here. Lammerlaw. The Man They Couldn’t”t Kill. Now that would make a great movie. Musketballs the Lead Lover. Oh and the odd penny. KiwiJW Slowing converting Central Otago into Arable Farmland.

Cheers Trev


Musketball’s odd penny? Probably thrown away! Actually I meant to suggest to Musketballs that he go and do a detect where my kids great great grandfathers (On their mudders side) ship sank in 1846 - I know that a cannon was found near the site about 1909…

Its good to see you back by the way - I was hoping that you hadnt fallen off the perch - actually that reminds me I am going to a funeral next week. Funerals are bloody awful things for people with ADHD so you sit up the back where people cant see you and you either read a book or play games on the phone and then see if you can eat enough savouries and cream cakes to make yourself sick.