Renting a detector over Christmas

Hi guys,

My name’s Nic, from Christchurch and have been looking for gold on and off for a few years now.
I have a creek in mind I would like to detect over the Christmas break and am looking to rent a simple gold detector for a couple of nights.
I already have a six inch dredge and can’t sink any more tin at present.

We’ll be leaving town for the west coast on boxing day, probably go in for two nights.
If your interested PM me. I can pay in cash, crays or venison or combination of all three.

Cheers, Nic

A while ago, you could rent VLF detectors from the equipment hire places in chch, I can’t remember the exact company though. It was the one down near garden city bowls, Moorhouse Ave.

Yip…City Hire…sold a few years ago now. I’d be surprised if the new owners Kennards have them.

Thanks mate, I don’t think Kennards hire do gold detectors, I looking to rent a simple to use machine from someone on here.

Cheers Nic

I think dan at dredge NZ hires them out

Hey Dan, thank you, I’ll drop him a line.