Relocate from Central to Hokitika

Hey :grin: guys just wondering is there are few people down Hokitika will be moving over soon and pretty excited about to go Prospecting in that area and maybe catch up with other Goldhunters ? any advice would be really helpful
:wink: ? …
Thanks in Advance :grin:…

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goldsborough would be the closest public fossicking area to try first. bound to meet someone there. even likely to meet the odd paydirt member and its only a 15 - 20 min drive from hokitika. 1st time i ever went out fossicking i got my 1st lesson on what to do from a fellow fossicker there.

He he :slight_smile: yes is really close and Ross as well I done 4 years prospecting now and can’t wait for new territory :grin:…

Hi there,I live around Hokitika and would be happy to go out. Wife gets anxious as sometimes go bush (got the bug ya know) and thinks I’m going to fall down a mine shaft. Just bring the ropeπŸ˜‚

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Hey lads I day trip and do overnighters to goldsborough/west coast from chch almost once a week now lol , iv got the bug too an a new family member is on the way so I too would be keen to mingle as ya say the baker it isn’t ideal going bush alone a .

here’s some of my shamrock creek colour .


Fair enough I will be catching up when we are over there for little Hunt :slight_smile: