Relic hunting in a National Park

I’m interested in having a look around an old family farm which is now national park. Our family tried to break in the place and built a homestead there, it wasn’t arable and after several different ownerships it became NP. I’m really keen to have a look around the place and see if I can find anything thing that might be from my families time there. The area is busy and touristy so I’m sure someone will see what I’m up to and let the ranger know, even though I’d be doing it off peak.

What’s the legality around this? Do I have any right to metal detect around the homestead my great great grandfather built?

The Department of Constipation - also known as DoC which is run by university educated text book cretins who are happy to enforce draconian rules set by a government who are not here for us good old Kiwis and this same department has been known to get their knickers in a twist and go totally spastic, as they do in Police States, at people caught metal detecting on DoC estate. There was a case where some poor innocent bastard after having detected and excavated a fucking tin can was given the Kempai Tai treatment by an officious louse, who given a little power put Himmler to shame!
If you go and state your case and be up front to DoC and promise not to leave any sign of your having been there then depending on the situation and who you get - hopefully a decent person - you might get the go ahead. I would state exactly where and when and the historical significance…you did say that your great grandmother lost her wedding ring and the family always thought that it was in the grass somewhere close to the house DIDNT YOU! Hint hint!


Thanks for your reply. Yes there are some bad seeds in there but I also know some genuine good buggers who work for DOC so I guess I’ll have to find one who has influence in that area. I mean my grandad was told of a few barrels of arsenic which were buried out back and need to be found before they do some damage…

The only time I had arsenic was when I sat on a crab - beach crabs and not the sort of crabs that you get from Ladies of ill repute who indulge in dubious habits and maintain poor standards of hygiene and then seduce you into also engaging in dubious activities - the activities I can thoroughly recommend but not with crab carriers!

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I would ask both the ranger and DOC via submitting a resume, ownership documents that lend some credence to your claim, details of the matter you claim, and a risk and hazard form. The likelihood is that if you are not substance qualified they are going to thank you for the Intel and get someone or some organisation who is to deal with it. That’s for your own safety and that of others. There’s a limit to what I’m prepared to dig up, as there should be for you. In this instance I’d not be resentful if they say no.