Reef gold? Not sure? Thoughts?

Hey fellas found a quartz reef today it was approx 4 or 5 inches wide and went for a good distance. I knocked a chunk off and seen a shiny bit right there. Il try attach a pic which doesn’t realy do it justice but I thought I’d show it anyway. I have never seen reef gold and from what I have read it can come in crystal form (correct me if I’m wrong) and I am hoping that this is a bit of a specimin of that. Zoom in if you can. It is actualy quite big about half inch. Or am I being a fool and looking at mica?


It does look very interesting but by just looking at a photo it is near impossible to tell. It certainly has a gold ‘look’ about it but needs to be tested. Get a sharp needle and scratch it - can you get ‘dust’ by scratchinh it or does it just get a scratch mark without scratching tiny particles off it. If you try to squash a little bit of the projecting mineral with it shatter and if so then it is pyrites or does it squash and bend and is maleable - in which case it is gold.

It is certainly not impossible to find reef gold. My son found a gold reef with nuggets up to 1.5 gram in about ten years ago and I know where there is another reef where specimen gold can be found - with a bit of hard work.


What I do is leave the sample on the kitchen table…if the missus nab’s it and tries to cash it in then it contains gold…if it stays on the table for any length of time then I’m afraid it’s pyrite…lol!..nice piece thou…get more …cook it …crush it …pan it out…easiest way.


Looks like the good stuff

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The good stuff alongside pyrite. Good find mate.

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