Recreational digging permission

Being a noob, I need a bit of a hand-hold on where to find info on where I can and cannot treasure/relic/gold hunt and the etiquette (if any) involved around such activity.
Much obliged

start with locations tab on paydirt. shows public areas. that will show you where you can pan/detect. cant say ive had any etiquette issues panning. don’t think you would be to popular if you started digging right beside someone though. most fossickers are pretty friendly and helpful. .thats how I learnt. asked an old guy and he was more than happy to help me get started.

Thanks Gus…pretty much like fishing then :grin:

I would think maybe less etiquette than fishing but then maybe I have just been lucky not to run in to stroppy or grumpy buggers. lol

Yeah…im all about positive interactions, but can understand how gold might bring on a hostile fever…:sunglasses: