Recreational Area Info

Can anyone give me some info on the Jones Creek area just on the outskirts of Ross ? how accessible is it,how do you need to go, any good, etc
Also would appreciate anything about Shamrock Creek, N/E of Hokitika.
Will hopefully be in the Ross area in October for about three days and want to do a bit of sluicing and panning.
If there are any members with claims in that area I would pay for the privilege to have a go on their claims if thats a possibility.
Many Thanks

Never been to the one in Ross but have been to shamrock. You will find gold there. Met an old timer last year who took out an OZ in about a week. Just go up the trail a ways and duck down to the creek when your done with walking.

been to jones creek once. easy access but I was there for couple hours and got nothing. shamrock is ok but don’t expect to get rich. it gets pretty well hammered as do most of the public areas.

Thanx for the info GSX

My expectations are not high. I am very new to gold panning/ sluicing. If I can find any gold at all I will be vry happy.
Cheers Pete