Rechargable aa batteries

hi there been a while thinking of getting back into it with the minelab dusted it off and it still works after sitting there for a couple of years, just wondering what rechargable aa batteries people are using theese days?

I use stock standard Panasonic AA rechargeable batteries. Never had a problem they been great.
I only got them as there wern’t any Energizers in the store at the time.
Dont see the differance - glad i got them. Probly get something like 20 hours use each charge.
Made sure i charged them fully and then flattened them fully the first few times. They say this is important.

Panasonic Ni-MH up to 2100mAh

Take that Minelab for a walk. Happy Hunting.

Yeah, technology has improved in recent years. I wouldn’t bother with anything less than 2000mAh. Currently run Powertechs @ 2500mAh in the AT Pro - Can’t remember the last time I had to charge them.

will look into that did ya sort ya 350 prob?

cheers mudwiggle yeah all i have been dealing with is lithium cell packs so i am a bit behind on the whole aa thing need to get something for my backup pack as still have the standard cell pack but its getting bout 4/5 years old now so i’ll see how it goes i don’t think i was getting 20hrs out of it was something like 6hrs when i was right into it and having to change to the backup which would just run for alot longer

Not quite. I put Ace in the car to take to work for a test run - twice now - still havent got round to a decent test - slack ah…

Fairly sure the Panasonics are alot cheaper too.
Let us all know how you get on.