Rare earlier decimals

Earlier rare decimal coins are:

No date (1967) 2 cent “Bahamas mule”: “Bahama Islands” instead of “New Zealand”;
1967 5 cent, “No sea”: Lines representing the sea missing to the right of the tuatara;
1967 5 cent, “No tail”: Small triangular area of tail under the tuatara’s chin missing;
1971 10, 20, 50 cent, circulated: Differ slightly from those in sets. Only rare in uncirculated condition.
1967 50 cent, “dot over 1”: A dot over the “1” in “1967”.

I just found this thought I’d share for those that don’t know…like me


Thanks Cosmo thats good to know
Now I just have to work out how to clean the coins without damaging and devaluing them

Wouldn’t worry too much about it, pretty much any dug coin will (usually) be very low grade and low value. Exceptions would be specific very rare coins, or those preserved in, say, anaerobic mud.

Try not to get into the habit of wiping coins with a gritty finger to see what they are though - if you are lucky enough to find a ‘goodie’, then you’re potentially wiping dollars off with the dirt.

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Cheers for that - it is always tempting to give them a rub and see what they are and more importantly what date but I will try to resist the temptation

The Dot over the 1 on the fifty cent piece is very common and the sea missing onthe five cents is also common as I gathered up heaps - now in modern coins I got a cracker in change at the bank the other day - it is a one dollar piece so this is well worth looking for - its called a cud and its plainly obvious that a part of the die has broken off it as it has a large ‘wart’ of metal poking up

It is a 2013 $1 piece

A lot of other $1 pieces have very small cugs under the Qheens chin and neck - these are all worth looking for but the smaller ones on the queen seem to be really commonbecause when Ilooked though my fifty or so dollar pieces I found at least six of them.


That’s a very clean $1… All mine are green or shades of tarnish :rofl:

It is not a found one but one that I got at the bank and put on to show the major flaw - what to look out of rwhen you find dollar coins and especially 2013 ones.

All the modern decimals I have found with my detector are also tarnished and worse as well.