Quoting during a reply

I have been having some trouble trying to quote parts of a members text … I’m using iPhone and have big Golem fingers only fatter so there could be the problem. I have been trying to hold and drag in words but only get about one word as complete screen page seems to want to go walkabout.
Any one else having problems?

Not sure how you did it, I pressed the black curved arrow.
I do find the screen can jump around a bit.

Yeh cheers @GoldPandemic think I was trying to quote prior to clicking the arrow.
I see once you get the post content up you can slide around four blue dots to expand or shrink the text to the sentence/s you wish to quote. :+1:

Trying to get the drop down menu from my user icon & it’s off the screen.
Also emoji menu is off to the side, then jumps all over the show. You can use the iphone emoji’s though.

However, I’ve found rotating the iphone to landscape, and everything is okay.