Quick whirr on some eroding sand dumped post Southerly


Some nice little silver’s there well done :smiley:

It was some Southerly, weeks on and I’m still pulling turn of the century silvers, bronzes, yet to find a sovereign but they must be out there…also found this maybe 1920-60s make up case (the cover design is the basis for my guess, not research), looks like lead paint, the same hardiness as the stuff they coated the travelling trunks with. White powder inside, so this is an era when white over tanned was favoured? Open to any advances on era and so on…


I bet you shook it when you found it I always do… come on coin stash but all I find is broken mirrors bad luck. Lol

Funny thing was that it has no mirror, maybe that’s why it ended up in the drink?
I was mildly excited at the hint of hinged container poking out from the sand, yes.

Still creaming it…and the tankard appears to be a Joseph sankey staffordshire solid copper art nouveau (Decorative Arts ARTS & CRAFTS PERIOD Celtic Art Nouveau Vintage Celtic Decorative Art try scrolling down) maybe only good as scrap copper now, but the find was most interesting.

Other than that, some clock gears…

… some silver, other pre decimals including one so corroded I cannot read it, this tends to happen in the sea to the more densely copper and bronze items, and still, no sovereigns…perhaps the whales ate them?

The copper bullet shaped thing has writing on it, not inked but some other method, I can read…coto… Any ideas on the bullet shaped lipstick shaped copper thing?