Quick visit to Golden Bay for R n R

After a some what stressful start to the year I finally managed to get away for a couple of days to recharge the batteries.
With low rainfall I thought about giving the Aorere River and side streams a go, upstream from the Sainbury Bridge was pretty beautiful but treacherous as all the smooth rocks were as slippery as a well oiled eel!
Some of the pools were maybe 10 meters deep!!
Hardly any gold in the main river gravels however I got a little bit crievesing in the smaller streams…bit of fun!
It wasn’t to be this time Keith…I’ll come and see you when I have more days up my sleeve mate!

Beautiful spot thou…check out my first gopro vid of my mission … hopefully this link works!.. Golden Bay Aorere River Rec Area Gold Fossicking - YouTube


Bloody marvellous - me jellyarse!

at least there is something on the plate . and I recognize that little beach where you found the gold hope it wasn’t to exposed getting to it. that road bridge across the river was washed away a few years back so it dose get a bit of rain up there.
went out today but bugger all yellow stones

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