Quick question from a NI Noobie

We have a batch in the Tasman area we plan to retire in, probably mid 50s will give up full time work.

How do you find claims to buy?

How much is a claim?

How do you know if a claim is a dud or a goody before purchasing, are you allowed to prospect prior to purchase?

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good idea about retiring early im all for that, I would not buy a claim without testing it first , ask to spend a day dredging with the seller or find an area with a gold history and test it and take out your own claim its not hard costs a few bucks tho

There were a few Tasman claims for sale on trade me last month for around 30k plus. add liability insurance and a dredge suitable for area, access agreement costs ect may be another $15k - $20k depending on dredge.

Yeah sure adds up, sounds like doing a test day dredging like suggested would be the best way to go;