Quick buzz before dark

Managed to get out to a spot we have been many times only went there as the other spot I wanted to had road works I didn’t expect to find much as we have been there a lot but found one to tick off my bucket list a nice rsa badge looked up the service number he served in ww1! Unexpected also a broken cod dam they are hard to find hole


Good going there Steptoe, I had a wee fossick tonight as well, gets dark early now!

Thanks soilsurfer I hope you did well. It sure does!

Some nice little silver’s there, love the RSA badge, great finds. Yes I feel you there soilsurfer my next detector has got to have a back lit screen.

Thanks yes that’s about all that is left the 1878 3D has a hole in it

I saw that, someone wanted a queen Victoria pendant.

They sure did! I’m with you on the backlight the old mans f75 has a back light bloody handy

cool finds shame the codd is topped!

Thanks yes it seams everyone I find is like this! It’s amazing I’ve walked over this site many times and only saw it this time!

It’ll be those vandal children of yesteryear who smashed the top’s off to get the marble out, Flaming Victorian youths…
Great finds!

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I did a DIY screen light on my Euroace. Rip apart a cheap baterry boòk reading light from a chinese shop amd tape the bulb to your screen and cover with black tape so it lights up screen and you dont loose night vision. Something like this but strip it down to reduce bulk.

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Thanks that’s a great idea will look into it.:smiley: