Queenstown Lakes/Southland Area

Just wondering, I have been on the NZ Petroleum and Minerals site and noted that the Queenstown Lakes/Southland area is reserved. Does this mean no claims can be processed?

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There’s no place left to claim, every river or gold producing creek is claimed, anything left is left for a reason, impossible accessibility agreements from cockys or poor productivity. You may also be looking at the wrong layer of the map there are quite a few different layers of permit. Another thing to note is the Otago council fucking things for any future dredging activity on the river bed.

Hi Gav, I was not aware of any changes to orc council… what is it they have done to stop dredging around otago rivers… cheers Karl

Sorry by Otago I meant Queenstown council, they changed the use of rivers or something so you can’t remove material from bedrock . There’s a big discussion on it on this forum