Queenstown - I'm Coming for Ya!

Will do some fossicking around Queenstown the upcoming week(s) (depending on the results…). Wonder if there is anyone who wants to go out for a swing (prospecting, nothing else… @Lammerlaw :joy:), or do some traditional panning/sluicing. I’m also keen on trying some sniping, have never done that before, so would be cool if someone, more experienced, could show me how it’s done! :nerd_face:

The plan is to fossick along the Twelve Mile and the Arrow (they’re the only two public areas I know of)…

Just send me a PM if you’re keen! Or have any good advice. :slight_smile:


5 mile right next to 12 mile and Shotover is between Queenstown and Arrowtown.
Be sure to go right up 12 mile as the lower parts have been picked clean by lazy people.

Cromwell is close by, no fossicking areas, but has some history.

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Thanks for you advice! Made a short stop at Arrowtown just to do a test pan and take a break from the driving. Found a few tiny colors. Didn’t like how close to town it was and all the tourists who were literally everywhere… (I’m a tourist myself, but you get my drift…) Anyway, will go back there to have a go at some point :nerd_face:

Which of the creeks do you reckon is worth spending most time in? :thinking: Will explore Twelve Mile tomorrow :yum:

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Still looking for company! Will stay in QT for a few days, so if YOU are keen, flick me a text :innocent:


If I were you I would head back to the Arrow river and head further upstream, you don’t need to be where the tourists are, there is a walking track right along side of the river all the way up. If you go up to where the old chinese gold mining village is, you’ll see a little bridge to cross the creek, from there you’ll find the path to walk up the river, its well worth it. I’ve found much more Gold in the Arrow than I have elsewhere around Queenstown with my sluice.

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Hi, thanks for your advice! I’ll definitely go back there as soon as I feel I’m done with QT. Will try Shotover river as well :innocent:

By Chinese gold mining village, do you mean Macetown? Isn’t there a claim up there :thinking:


No in the town there is an old chinese mining village you can visit, see their old huts along the water, it’s pretty cool, worth a look, but at the sign pointing you to that there is a little walking bridge that takes you across the creek, then that’s where you hit the walking track that takes you upstream. The walking track is following a big water pipe. You’ll see many areas people have been doing sluicing along the river as you walk the track. You don’t need to go too far up to find some decent amounts.

I have heard good things about Shotover but I’ve never tried it, I stick to Arrowtown, 5 mile and 12 mile, Arrowtown is my current favourite as I’m doing well there.


Dont forget to go and have a look at the Arrowtown museum - it is the best Gold town museum in Kiwiland. Why dont you get in contact with some of the Queenstown members - send them a private message to see if they can take you or steer you in the right direction. My favourite display in the Arrowtown museum - heaters!


Aha okay! Awesome, thanks :smiley: Going to check out Shotover today.

Spent 6h at Twelve Mile yesterday with my pan and sluice, dug deep down in a curve just below the bridge by the highway. Didn’t find a lot, but a few colors :sweat_smile: Also did some detecting further up the creek and at the Five Mile as well. My Gold Monster picked up one flake on the bedrock in each river :joy::ok_hand:t2:


Wow! Going there for sure! Looks amazing :heart_eyes:

Don’t know any QT-ers, that’s why I made a post rather than sending private messages to random members :innocent:

That’s consistent with what I get spending about 6 hours at 12 mile. I’m local but unfortunately too busy at the moment to come join you.

I get more for my time in the Arrow.


Hmm okay. Spent a few hours panning up the Arrow yesterday. Didn’t find much at all :roll_eyes: Guess I was digging in the wrong spot. Should I go deeper maybe? :thinking:

Anyway, went back to Twelve Mile and did some more sluicing today. A few more flakes for the collection :nerd_face:

Broke my shovel, so no more digging for me :sleepy: Tomorrow it’s back with the detector instead :sweat_smile:


didn’t realise there were any public sites apart from maybe moonlight creek that had big enough gold to pick up with a detector.

Sorry but the moonlight at Queenstown is under claim

Goldenboy, its not really a case of going deeper, but covering more area, mostly the flood gold is in the top 6 inches and accumulates in the slow areas of the river ie, the inside of a bend.

Okay, thanks! Every Creek is different, sometimes you have to dig down quite a bit (12 Mile :roll_eyes::joy:). Anyway, might go back to Arrowtown when I leave Queenstown. Third time’s a charm… :nerd_face:

west coast moonlight creek. how is your gold claim producing this year Robbie.

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