Quartz vain asult round 3

90 degree quartz vain

70 degree south facing vain in shist layers

Dropping into the gorge

70 degree fractured shist layers facing south with inlayed quatz veins

Stagerd quartz vain in upper shist layer

The road in 1100 ft above sea level !!


Pink quartz vain

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Cool, Any test crushing & panning results?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I have limited samples of quartz available happy to send to people who have more knowledge and equipment suitable for the job as I no little !

my son told me that he found a quartz vein with gold but I didnt believe him - until he showed me the gold. Amazing for NZ as the largest piece of gold in the quartz is probably about 1.5 grams.

He found it with a detector. I think that if you find a quartz vein like that it would do no harm to follow it with a good detector - he was using a Minelab Xtreme but I think the Gold Monster would be better as NZ quartz vein gold tends a lot smaller than what my son was finding.

Neither him nor I have been back but he got about ten samples with gold and the reef crosses from one side of a valley to the other and up the hill under the tussocks.

Thanks lammerlaw radio frequency PI whent nuts on rocks in the bed not sure if they where hot rocks or not didn’t realise the time as only unpacked at 4pm after a a 5 hr clime had to do a fast escape back down in the dark! Luckily rembereded how to absail down the bluffs only made it back to be met by me old mate who was very grumpy saying something about calling SARS

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