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Quartz reefs of West coast book wanted

Hi guys I’m after this book if anyone knows where it may be hiding pretty please

Me to! I have kept me eye open for this book for some time but have not pushed it as there are others l want first. Do some research on the site Abebooks.

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I found it in the local library and had a bit of a read it’s got alot of great info but yea hard to find it out for sale. Cheers m8

Try Project Gutenberg - All sorts in there. (I can’t check it from work as firewalled to Hell and back - negotiated for Paydirt to be whitelisted as “Related Industry Peer Group” :rofl: :rofl: )

If the local book-lending depository has it, why not lean on a nearby photocopier while you read it, page by page? :shushing_face:

Great advice m8 cheers

I brought a new copy from the bookshop at the tannery at Woolston CH CH

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Yep. There is a reprint available, have seen it here in a bookshop in Westport, about two years ago. Around $60.00 if I recall correctly. Sadly that shop now closed.

Cheers Trev aka “The Hatter” or Kiwigold.

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There’s 1 for sale on trade me just search gold dredge And it should come up

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Thanks but I looked at bid history and it looks like the seller has jacked up the price

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That means nothing Jab’s. I know the guy selling it & there is no one more straight up & legit. The fact it has now gone above $100 by two other bidders should dispel your assumption. :slight_smile:

I think when someone sets an automatic bid and someone out bids them this happens if you look the bids where made at the same time

I guess my frustration showed when I posted that post and to (kiwijw) I apologise for the accusation towards your friend.
I think I have tracked a copy down and will find out on Monday.
Thanks for all the advice everyone