Quartz gold specs is it gold?

Hi team Ive tried to identify theses using google lens.
Id really appreciate your thoughd on rock quartz gold chips or small rock piece

im working out how to upload picture
of them

back rock may be from a Nelson river bed are those types likely to contain gold
different stone makeup in that area , An old quartz crushing area is near both areas

last one
grey marble quartz in a vein of gold or and pyrite

Lyell Valley Id appreciatre any geo advice or experiences with rocks any help

Thanks S

Second from the bottom in last photo looks like maybe. Cant tell with the sparkle from the flash though. Best to take a photo outside in natural sunlight

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No one, absolutely no one can tell you it is gold definitively without seeing it or viewing large totally clear photos and even then they might be wrong.

Yes we can see nice yellow spots but your photos are as clear and precise as cum custard in tomato sauce. Yes it could well be gold, or gold and pyrites, iron pyrites or copper pyrites.

Best way for you to tell is do one of two things.

  1. Take it to a jewellery who can test it or have it assayed or examined by an expert - did you get that last word - E X P E R T.
    • Put it under a good high powered stereo microscope and take a sharp needle and scratch it - if it is gold NO tiny bits will come off as dust and your not likely to scratch it and leave a groove in it but if you can scratch it then tiny yellow bits of dust will break away (I am finding it a bit hard to explain) If it is gold then it will scratch readily and be bright bright yellow. No dust or pieces will break off. Gold is malleable and you can deform it and bend it or squash it but it will not break or shatter like pyrites/glass.
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Late reply.
Thanks for your help…:slight_smile:

I think i adjusted light .
The gold color specs do look breakable. However in general wondering if a few microdots could be gold…

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Visible gold in quartz usually looks a proper gold colour, rather than sparkly:



Bake it on an open fire, crush it, pan it, stake a claim and dont tell anyone :four_leaf_clover::sparkles: