Q-town fossicking

Heading to Queenstown and wondered what the Public fossicking areas were like? Gavzilla you seem to be the man with the plan, not there for a long time so want to be efficient, where is best place to go??

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Arrow river with a sluice is a good start, even right at the town is quite good.

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Like Simon suggested the arrow just in town is fine, heaps of colour and easy digging, even further downstream towards the end of the public fossicking area has been producing well lately and is on bedrock, upstream is really getting smashed and not worth the trip in my opinion,

12 mile has also had a good hammering over the summer and snipers have worked the bottom section quite well, head upstream a bit find some bedrock and work it well, if the gravel is loose after digging quite deep them move on up, your looking for grey clay and compact gravel for untouched areas.

Good luck


Great Thanks Gavzilla​:+1::grinning: