Pump modifacations

Help with the following please.
Does anyone know how to run the Proline 500 (threaded impellor) pump on a keyed shaft Titan motor. Is there an adaptor or is there an pump small/engine expert out there who could do it. Or maybe point me in the direction of someone that can.
Much appreciated

could be done would have to get a adapter made and space the pump out away from the motor a long way. a good machine shop should beable to do that

Pretty sure you have to get the tread lathed out of the pump, I’ve had one like it before, but the lining gets very thin at the end of the impeller, I wouldn’t even risk it now, be cheaper to buy another motor.

I tried pissing around with similar thread-keyway and its just easier to get the correct engine, if you go for another knock off one itll be cheaper then paying a half decent engineer to mod and your current parts.

Thanks for your help guys
gogold cant seem to find anything other than honda with the threaded shaft

The honda clones used to come key or thread but was 8yr ago I done it so things may have changed.
Hondas are bombproof just bit more $$$ , the clones and other cheapies can be hit n miss on wether they run forever or go kaput.

Another option to avoid the thin wall gavzilla mentioned is to pedistool mount it with pulley and belt to engine but then its more $$$ and bit more bulky.

Your best bet is to interchange out the crank with a threaded one. Check out NR Racing (https://www.nrracing.com/) or google and get yourself one. Its the simplest and cheapest option. If you try and thread it yourself you run the risk of not balancing the shaft properly.

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra to get a genuine Honda one. They are forged and better balanced. On the clones of the first things to go on those clones is the crankshaft in my experience.

Oh and dont go down the route of running a pedestal with pulley etc. They are bulky, prone to failure ( particularly at the pump bearing) and sap a whole lot extra power due to the extra frictional losses encountered.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the advice prich385
are you saying spend the $ and get Honda motors with the threaded shaft or get genuine threaded Honda crankshaft and put into Honda clone motor? Just to be clear.


Go the genuine honda shaft and put it in the clone.

Been down this road with Keene PHP500 threaded impellor. Run crank bearing junked the crank. No replacements available anywhere. Tried rethreading genuine Honda crank in a lathe but carbide tip bounced off the crank Genuine Honda’s are to hard. Fitted new cloned crank (keyed shaft) and got new keyed shaft impellor from Keene. Threaded cranks are not to be found in NZ I know I’ve looked.