Pump identification

Hey lads. Recent trademe purchase… Was told it works fine but let’s In a bit of air into the box… Was wanting to track down some seals. He thought It might be an old school Keene p160 but as there are zero marking on it I don’t think it is?

Does anyone know what I’m dealing with here?

Is mounted to an older 5hp Honda. 4 inch dredge


What are the inlet & outlet diameters? I have one similar with no makers name. It came on a 3" dredge & is also on a 5hp Honda. 1.5" outlet & from memory I think about 2.5 inlet.

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hi can you take a pic of box looks like my old dredge is the a bit of wire drilled thru to hold dampening mat out of way while checking box, think its a swim joy copy pump … i sold dredge prob 6 years ago if same one

Sounds like its her… Any idea where the best place for seal kit is?

if you get stuck there is a company in chch i think that will make seals but i think they will need your old one for sizing etc.

there are companies around that have mechanical seals of varying sizes to. brown bros in chch would be a start.

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Cheers for the help guys. Would the motor be capable of running a Keene p180 pump? I see it’s recommend that it is paired with a 5.5hp. this would be an obvious boost in preformance?

Anyone got one gathering dust in the shed?

ill try dig out a pic of her in action , Trev from westport knows history of motor and pump i bought it off a mate of his, good dredge , bought pontoons off Dan Gerber and frame was made in alexander …ps love the honda had a ct 90 for years

Cheers for the info.Would love to see some of her in action in her younger days! Haha cheers she’s a beast in the hills!

I think youd be pushing it to run that pump as its its actually rated more at the 4.5hp especially if your running a compressor and/or running at altitude or hot conditions. Honda changed how they measure HP on their pumps.

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