Public liability insurance?

Hi all ,just going through the process for actually getting access to my claim.another expensive part of ,getting your own claim.DOC require public liability insurance, unlike trampers etc ?but needed anyway,(probably}if i start a fire in the middle of the river…ha ha.was told state would insure for around 800 per year.But they were not interested ,tried my bank and they had no idea ,and said no as broker quoted 1700 …per year.?does anyone have any better options ?after adding it all up …$$$$ i see why poachers dont bother doing it legally.thanks

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That is weird as I have Public Liability with State for my high country property including fire - about $150 per year. Not for a gold claim but I fail to see the difference. In any case I would like to know why it is so expensive…it is ridiculous.

thanks for your reply,.it seems they class it as a commercial gold claim ie heavy mining.even though i’m only panning and this stage.$1m liability.?you are right i can’t see the difference between any rural property insurance either.i nearly p…ssed myself when the guy in my bank asked how much i would exspect to earn from mining…his figure $2M HA HA WITH A PAN?can’t see the great cost for premiums either

Hope some of the people in the know will be on by soon.
You do have to understand DOC’s position, if there was a forest fire - could be costly to put out.

I sent you a message with an e-mail address for a guy at AON… They have me covered.

Thanks for your help ,i will try them…

i do see there point ,and they have been pretty good to work with ,through a complicated process.It’s more the insurers,most not wanting a bar of it and the pricing per year seems crazy,thanks

doc is a rip off…God could start a fire and you foot the bill.
do you have to say you’re mining?

Did any of the insurers ask your method of operation. If so did you say that you were using a motor. Now I can see that there are situations where using a motor could be high risk - such as on the bank in tussock country - take it from me I know - BUT there are also situations where using a motor is zero risk such as on a pontoon or dredge mounted out in the river.
Now I have just checked my last bill and for my Public Liability Insurance I was last billed $144.21 and I think it is for about two million cover.
It would be interesting if claim holders here were to tell us how much they have, who with and how much it costs them per annum. This could well give an indication of which insurance company gives the best deal.
I also dont think a broker is the best bet - YOU are your own best bet as I have discovered time and time again.
The same with travel - One organisation guaranteed the cheapest fares form Dunedin to Auckland return and they averaged about $400 and yet by doing my own research of cheapest offers I can do it for $120 return AND LESS on occasions.
If you live in a city where they actually still have open offices go visit the different Insurance Offices and ask them there and then. Also it could well pay to take it out with whom ever you have your car, property and possessions insured with. In that regard it can pay to quiz around and ask who will give best deal for taking out all insurances with them.
I know that I do get a dispensation because I have all my insurances with one company.

Hi,at this stage i’m would be only using pan and detector,and have the option for dredging later if applied in fact it’s a hobby claim ,but it seems it is only classified as a commercial mining insurance company had know idea ,which is wierd ,as they must insure many rural properties for fire risk?other companies were not interested in insuring either?a fellow paydirt member has sent me details with his insurer (which i can’t find…buggar}interestinG subject as it may be the standard thing when arranging access with DOC.Maybe i should change companies with all my insurances.thanks

I partially suspect that the entire problem lies in how you explain things to your insurer. If you ask for ‘Gold Claim Liability Insurance’ then I am sure there is no such thing. Maybe you should just state that you are applying for a gold claim to pan gold and merely require standard 'Public Liability Insurance’
Maybe you could ask FMG about Public Liability and ask them if it would be suitable for you as a hobby miner as you want to cover yourself in event of any unforeseen eventuality.

Well obviously there would have to be proof that an individual was responsible for the fire.
An insurance policy would cover the cost of investigating this.

Food for thought and gray areas eg if a land owner or claim owner is away and someone is on his land or gold claim and something happens then I have every reason to suspect that the system (a criminal organisation called Government) would try to blame the land/claim owner. This means of course that you must have some liability insurance even if the cause of the problem was not you. That is the problem in this country where you are Guilty until proven innocent!
“Such is life” - last words of Ned Kelly.

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Too true,the onus would be on you to prove you are liability insurance is a must.the possibilty of a tramper with a campfire starting a fire is another reason.i’d really like to sort it out and get up there to do some gold fossicking.

Hi there,we run an adventure tourism operation on my friends sheep and beef farm,our Public Liability insurance is with Aon and is $857 per year.


Thanks for your help ,another member has also uggested Aon ,so i will contact them …cheers

yes I think they may specialize in P L insurance

Hi,just wondering if you might be able to send me that guys name at AON re liability insurance as i cant seem to find it.thanks again.


Thanks very much.i appreciate your help .Neil