Public gold fosic

Heading down to Granity with my grand son second week of school holidays,does anyone have any tips on Stony and Britannia Streams or placers to go in the area

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Hi Dirtfishin, I was in the area about 3 weeks ago, and I passed a sign from DoC, close to the highway to say that the track was closed, due to slips.
However, you may still want to drive into the carpark, and then start walking in, as I do not know where the slip is. From the carpark to the start of the fossicking site is about 20-25min. Good luck!

Thanks BPT
Do you know if its worth going up there,so far I haven’t heard anything good about the place.?

You can find a decent amount of colour if you can get to the bedrock but it is defintley not the richest of sites overall. It is a pretty awesome stream though so if you just want a bit of fun go for it as there is gold just not crazy amounts.

good one, we will go for a walk.

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