Public Fossicking Areas Collaboration (Stony and Britannia Streams)

Please feel free to contribute to this tread,any information you would like to share on the public fossicking area (Stony and Britannia Streams) 17 km northeast of Westport. .Information may include-vehicle access and parking,track locations,hazards,camping facilities,toilets,accommodation,access and/or local info contact numbers,boundary locations,how bad the sand flies are and last but not least any general locations for finding a little gold.(Or a lot who knows!)

Dont forget to upload any good photos or Youtube links too!!

The more of us who contribute the better so don’t be shy.

This could be an excellent resource for us Paydirt gold seekers!!

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Never heard of or been to this stream…anyone?

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Hi Folks, new to adding info to this forum, but regular reader of the gold fossicking news! As to Britannia Stream, have been in there 3 or so times, not far from Waimangaroa Stream. Only once had fine colour there, probably not going deep enough. Entry is of Highway 67, north of Westport, signposted. Do respect that you are riding through middle of a dairy farm, follow the DOC markers to carpark. No camping allowed. About a 20minute walk into the green DOC fossicking sign. Stunning area.

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Missed that spot when we went past there last trip. You mention no camping. On the, Paydirt , locations public fossicking areas, it has facilities marked as picnic and camping. Any reason you say that no camping is allowed ?

I think but don’t know for sure but the car park is on the farmers land . perhaps if you walk up valley from the car you maybe ok. had my 4" in the creek on the farmers place (with his permission ) didn’t get much just some fine gold.
its only 10kms down the road from me so don’t go there much.

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Hi Goldsborough, I also just checked the Locations part of Paydirt, and yes
it says camping.

I would not trust my memory from what you have also said, but I have a
nagging thought that a green Doc sign on the fence in the carpark, had a
black line through a tent. Look if you want to make sure before you want to
go there, ring DOC Westport on 037888008, and ask them.

If I have misled you I apologise, that was not my intention.


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Hi Ben,thanks heaps for you submission,sounds like a really interesting area to explore(looks steep too!)
Don’t be too concerned about the accuracy of your intell we just do our best,would be great for someone to get some photos of this area!
Keith is there actually any gold bearing creek that you haven’t been too?
Great work!

No apologies necessary. We are more disappointed we didn’t think of stopping off for a look. Was the first trip up that way

hi mal
there will be some up there some where at the moment trying to get up the ridge behind the mine and see if there is any traces of quartz out crop on the other side in the deep creek area but the going is very tough. thought I saw a tiger up there last trip. good tiger country. had a fine dad up there in the last 2 days so there was gold in the pan. today is raining so got to wait . here is the type of country behind the mine in deep creek

Oh wow,yes definitely Tiger country,better have the 45.70 on hand to scare it off!

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this is the track I am putting in with a friend , its along an old rail line where it took 2.5hours its down to 3/4 hour . slowly getting up the ridge

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