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Public Fossicking Area Collaboration (Nelson Creek)

Please feel free to contribute to this tread,any information you would like to share on the public fossicking area (Nelson Creek)26 km east-northeast of Greymouth… Information may include-vehicle access and parking,track locations,hazards,camping facilities,toilets,accommodation,access and/or local info contact numbers,boundary locations,how bad the sand flies are and last but not least any general locations for finding a little gold.(Or a lot who knows!)

Dont forget to upload any good photos or Youtube links too!!

The more of us who contribute the better so don’t be shy.

This could be an excellent resource for us Paydirt gold seekers!!

This vid shows the working terrain at Nelson Creek quite well …thanks Jade

Anyone else have info on Nelson Creek?


I walked up Prices creek to the fossicking area, and did several test pans finding a few flakes. The creek would be a good place to set up a sluice, and run concentrates. I only spent an hour here, but I would definitely return and run buckets if I ever get the chance. I dont recall the sand flies being a problem. I was happy seeing all of the prospecting sites in NZ, and with them being spaced apart on the south island, there is at least one within a couple hours drive or less from most towns.

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I enjoyed seeing that video. It brought back memories. I last passed through there maybe 14 years ago and saw few familiar land marks. I worked near there fifty years ago. Stationed at Totara Flat…in my mind I still see the sun shining in the window at the Totara Flat Hotel, The Heather Bell.
There was an old guy at Nelson Creek. I remember a drag line going over the river. He had two old Model A pick up trucks in the remains of what might have been an old saw mill if my memory is correct. He offered my cobber a 1918 motorbike for around $150 and my cobber bought it…possibly a Triumph. He also had a yellow 1948 Ford Mercury sedan but he wanted too much for it…$200 I think. I also think he lived in the only habitable house there at the time and it was near the old school but my memories a bit hazy. I remember at work walking through miles of tunnels underground but they had sort if windows cut in them where could could look out and into gorges. Happy memories - great days. Getting old is a bastard! A lot of that country was going to be milled and I clearly remember us doing inventory surveys to determine the millable timber.


Been in here on my big West Coast holiday adventure…lots of new trees down, more things to climb over while walking up to the fossicking area. As I’m only new to prospecting I only managed a few small flakes with just a turbo pan. Sand flies weren’t too bad.

Hi, I notice that the lower reaches of Callaghans Creek, down to and including Nelson creek itself do not appear to be covered by any claim. Anybody fossicked here? Any possibility of complaint for doing so?