Public Fossicking Area Collaboration (Moonlight)

:thinking: There’s plenty of river no need to be digging in the bank the floods will do that for us!!

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I thought of that! It would not take much for DoC to do that.

Hi keen to head up the moonlight in about three weeks anybody had much luck there is it better to go upstream or downstream from the car park . Camped there a few years back was a few guys living in vans and busses are you still allowed to camp there or better just doing a day trip. Was a few goats around as well know the area gets the 1080 a fair bit but is it still worth taking the bang stick for a walk.

DOC have clamped down on camping. Have to be self contained and only allowed to stay 4 nights then a month before you can return. There a goats opposite the red rocks

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Awesome thanks for the info I have a bucket shitter so should be Good will probably only stay for two nights max. Thanks

Hi guys went up moonlight today with my son first time I’ve been there and I just hit one spot which was just new flood gravel. Dug down to bedrock and classified 3 buckets and we ran it hastily over a sluice I just made with some dream mat on it. It wasn’t a big result but I was happily surprised with what I did get.
The road is in pretty good condition too.


always good to see dad talking their kids out


Way to go mate. :+1: Good father son bonding. Got to love the Moonlight. What were your sons thoughts?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yea I try get him out of the house when I can and try get him interested in my hobbies. He does have a short attention span but he did enjoy the area alot. He was loving taking over my big sluice and demoting me to the smaller ez sluice. It’s different up there no real black sand to show up in what I ran. Not like what I expected but alot easier to pan out :ok_hand:


Not only great bonding time between Son and Dad but getting some of the yellow shiney stuff a bonus !! Great to see.


did you get to moonlight stu and if you did how did it go.

Not been to moonlight yet called in at goldsborough on Saturday a few people there water was cold hope to head back soon

Just done 4 days sluicing panning, Kelly finally tried sniping for the first time and found some gold.
Road in was excellent, going back soon


Awesome mate :clap: :ok_hand: hard Mahi pays off a

is there much bedrock to be seen in the stream. sorry never been there. love to see some photos of the stream.
i hear its self contained camping only and wheel clamping enforcement. where’s the nearest place you can pitch a tent?

Never heard anyone mention wheel clamping before
People camp in tents.


That does look nice. Yeah think it was on here pre Xmas or may have been a Facebook gold group. If tents are OK I might have to save for a trip up there this year.

Moonlight track carpark camping is restricted to self contained vehicles with max. stay 4 nights.
google DOC info on Moonlight Pack Track

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If anyone is keen we are planning to head up Moonlight this weekend for some fossicking if anyone is keen to catch up for some gold we will be there!

Cheers - The Sluicers

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dont forget the video camera. lol

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