Protection of native freshwater fish

This link below should be of interest to those interested in gold dredging. The presence of native fish was the main factor why my application for resource consent was denied. Dredging is widely regarded (by those in the environmental sciences community) to be detrimental to native fish species. Food for thought.


Had you appealed to the Environment Court, they would have rolled over in a flash. Their arguements are on very thin grounds

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Just like the crooks that are the Fish & Game Council , be very afraid of what Forest and Bird are up to.

Their #1 priority for 2019 is to shut down ALL mining.

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The best way to overcome any crap is to go PUBLIC with arguments that cannot be refuted. Think of this carefully - a photo of a gold dredge operating and the minimal disturbance of the river bed PLUS a photo of a Riverbed prior to a flood and the FLOOD itself and a photo taken afterwards of the redistribution of gravel. It CLEARLY shows that recreational gold dredging has NO or MINIMAL impact.

What the fuck is the point in moaning to each other - we do NOT need to convince each other - we need to BAND TOGETHER and CONVINCE THE PUBLIC and HUMILIATE the government RATS.

YOU OWN this country and YOU voted in policitians on the strangth of THEIR LIES but they MANAGE our country on behalf of their master, the bankers who THINK they own us.

It wont be long before you have to wear a cork up your arse so you can shit! This country is run by an undercover organisation called Criminally Usurping Noxious Tyrants - work that one out!

This is who THINKS they own New Zealand and our mineral wealth - this is who dictates to their puppets - our government - and who in turn make decisions to suppress us and deny us OUR RIGHTS as OWNERS of this country. Only one of hundreds of videos but worth watching and understand AND share.


don’t get me started . it is all about control. from controlling our wild food for eating kill all that of and then you will have to BUY. control the fur industry then you cant make any money. control mining then you cant make any money. its even getting to the stage that seed you buy these days have been GE to not seed so you have to BUY .
give it 10 years there wont be such a thing as hunting and gathering, been able to live off the land, have control over any thing. it is all a hidden agenda to control the people.
be very carful


everyone is copping some flak at the moment from the Green C#@ts , mining , fisherman , hunters its just bollocks flip side is they’ll likely piss that many people off with there narrow minded views they get the boot , I still get riled by the fact no one voted for them .

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They have shown how dangerous they are and have proven that given a little power it goes to their heads. Well the 1080 backlash will affect them as the move to get it banned gets stronger. My comment above stands though - it is showing the outdoor hobbies and activities to the public in a positive light, refuting Greens and the Governments claims and also winning over other waters users on the basis of you stand by us and our interests and we will stand by you and your interests.

You all think things are bad now, just wait until the NPS for Indigenous Biodiversity goes out for public consultation. Then, the extractive industry is in for a shock…

Far worse to come IF the sheepies allow it - this Government while serving their masters are slowly subjagating the people whikle the people are seemingly looking forward to it! I think you are so right. The extractive industry will however eventually become more dominant BUT it will not be you or I but the overseas arseholes and scum who think they OWN New Zealand.

Provided the entire river isn’t being churned up by a dozen dredges at once (oh wait storms do this in the winter!), the fish should be just fine.
If anything, dredging would stir up things for them to eat & make new hidey holes.

Feels like we are under attack, even if we are we must not be drawn into a messy war - they would love that. Like Lamerlaw said; just be calm & state simple facts.

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You are right, unfortunately, there is currently a new drive to stop motorised activity on waterbodies and the disturbance that comes from it. A new document coming out refers to it, but has signaled they wont be addresses it at this time. But what it will do is (as it is written) stop virtually all landbased mining whether you are a small-fry kiwi or a multinational.

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