Prospectors out in force as gold prices reach fever pitch

Yes and I wonder who gets the benefit - it wont be the government who put in the $15 mil and it wont be the people of NZ.

I read the first part of this thread and remembered when gold took a sudden increase back in the early 1980s. The media burbled on about the ‘new gold rush’ and how people would be going bush to pillage the landscape - it never happened. The media also phoned us and wanted to do an article about us but we didnt have no stories to tell.

Hi Graeme, I see it is a “loan” from the government, but if the company make nothing from it how do they pay the “loan” back? In the 2nd link I put up I see Oceanagold are involved. I was up there at the mine area about 10 years ago & Oceana were drilling back then.
Maybe our Government should follow PNG’s move. :joy: and keep the wealth of OUR gold in our country for New Zealand to benefit from.
Papua New Guinea Government moves to take over Porgera lease - Business Advantage PNG.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I have always thought that the Government should ensure that the gold never goes off shore and remains here as it belongs to us, the people of NZ. l strongly suspect that because we owe so much debt the offshore bankers dictate what the government does and this was more or less verified by David Clarke’s answer when l said that foreign big business runs this country.
I also think that NZ is oil rich as well but Muldoon’s government wanted a 50/50 agreement but the offshore companies would not accept that.
As for the thread header l think it is merely bullshit melodramatic journalism to gain attention. A bit like seeing a ripple on the water at the beach and calling it a deadly tsunami!