Proposed gold mine receives permit

" proposed gold mine in Central Otago has taken a significant step forward by obtaining a mining permit, the company’s proprietor says.

However, resource consents have yet to be gained for the project at Millers Flat

Hawkeswood Mining acquired the dredge from Waikaia Gold

It’s the most modern alluvial gold dredge in New Zealand and we are very happy to have it."

Yep seen that site. My wife & I went for an E bike ride from Millers flat to Roxborough & back to Millers flat not long ago & saw all that activity going on. I was blown away. Big operation.

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Goodbye old drdge holes.

That dredge has had over 3 tonne of gold go through it

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Don’t do Facebook.

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Great watch thanks :crazy_face:

I dont do arsebook either its just a link i could find the Switzer museum link somewhere,pretty cool watch,they hit 1000 ounces in 1 week at a spot.

Yep, Waikia gold did pretty well. Better than they even thought.

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When I was drilling Beaumont last year Noel come checked out our system, he has some good stories, they could of made a decent amount of money if they mined it a few years later with the price of gold…

I am sure they still made a decent amount of money as it was. Hinde sight is a wonderful thing but no one has a crystal ball to read the future price of gold. It could well have gone the opposite way. Plus there mining permit was all go at the time & so where they.

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