Proline dredge sluice setup

Hi, just got the 5inch in the water today and set sluice on same settings as another one running downstream of us.
For some reason im having a c**t of a time with it and cant get a good happy medium with it, centre of the sluice forms a distinct V tapering off to the tailend of packed/clogged riffles and blows out the outside of the V leaving bare mat with just a tiny amount of cons behind the riffle.

Tried tweaking a few things but to no avail, any suggestions?

What holes/settings/rpm do any of you other proline owners run?
Webby you run a proline dont ya?

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i certainly do , best dredge ever made hands down, im running it about 3/4 revs i guess is alot of water going over box but still catches very fine gold, mines stock standard only thing is i put a bit of v mat up front so i can see if im in the gold

message prich he will send u a pic of what hole his box is set on , mines not here sounds like u got wrong angle

Thanx webby, ill message him later. There was a mongrel pointy stone jammed quite a a ways up the flare, made a big difference but i spent a few hours today trying different holes on the adjustment but its still not quite right.

Hey mate I’ve attached some photos of where I’ve setup my flare and powerjet which works really well.

Hope this helps.

Proline boxes run clearer than other dredges. I’ll try and upload a video showing how the box runs

Also make sure your engines are not mounted to far forward as that will cause them to run to flat.

I run my about half throttle depending on depth as they have some much sux anyway that it can be dangerous if your not careful. My mate broke his thumb in the noozle from the suction