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Production of Pontoons

Can anyone tell me where in the South Island I can have plastic or fibreglass pontoons made. I need 2x2500x560x259mm

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Many thanks Andy, will take a look see. Cheers

Hi Andy, I received an answer from that link, they sent me photo’s of the pontoons they produce but did not mention they would make pontoons to order and the pontoons they have will have too much freeboard for my setup… Meanwhile I have found one in Richmond who, when he has finished a couple of jobs he has, will take a look at what I want and give me a quote. So it’s all good. I posted a question with regards the Buller.River; I wanted to know if anyone ever worked or prospected there in the past. I have the claim from the Owen to Murchison and this dredge will be working there when I get these pontoons finished.

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That’s a nice stretch of water there! what size dredge you going to run there best of luck mate

Hi Andy, at the start will be running a small 300mm as I have not finished the 1500mm yet probably early next year. The bedrock looks very promising and about the middle of this month I will do a thorough survey of the river that have the right features to prospect. My forward planning is for three 1500mm dredges to be working the it is a hell of a long way to Murchison from the Owen.
I’m using the same dredging system I used at the Aorere, but then I knew nothing about how to recover the gold I saw. It sucked it up here and spat out over there and most of the gold that was recovered with that big sucker was the gold I shoved up my wristband. Have spent some years getting to where I am and now I know if it is there it’s mine

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