Pro-mining RMA consulting expertise

Hi paydirt members,
Over the years I have given many south island miners and paydirt members free RMA advice and have written numerous consent applications, DoC and LINZ access agreements, environment court appeal documents, sale contracts, scoping projects, mediation reports etc ranging from hobby miners to full scale land based projects. I have never asked you for any payment for my time, petrol etc (although one good bloke gave me some nice greenstone as a gift).

Now i am moving into RMA consulting based in Otago and ask a favour of you - that if you need to pay for planning expertise that you come to me. To make the business succeed, I need your help and there are no planners in the south island that loves mining and gold more than I do. Any support from the local mining fraternity would be greatly appreciated.


Best of luck with your venture mate. :+1:

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Good to see your on the payroll At last Darryl!.
I can vouch for for this geezer %100 , the work he has done for me over the years has been outstanding , some real mind bending RMA stuff in the mining sector & adventure tourism , resource consents in areas deemed sensitive to suction dredging , Doc Access , Linz , dealing with fish and game the list go,s on , something else to consider for those already up & running is what sort of deal you actually have with the likes of Doc , Linz , Nzpam from experience annual pricing can very greatly , I wouldn’t hesitate to give Darryl a call .

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All the best Darryl. I hope your new Venture and identity goes well for you!!

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I would just like to say, that if it wasn’t for Darryls time and effort put in at the hearings with the QLDC, that the Forest and Tweety Birds may well have got their way and had mining a fully non-complying activity. Its thanks to Daryl’s energy and perseverance that the us small time miners can continue with what we love to do. I did make a submission also, but this was also thanks to Daryl pointing out that there was a problem with the new District Plan of the QLDC.

So if any of you need RMA consents and planning help, I couldn’t speak more highly of Darryl, hes the Lion you need in your corner when doing a resource consent application.