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Hi, I am new to Fossicking and live on the North Island. My mate Tom the Pom is comming from the UK in late Jan early Feb and we are planning a roadie to the Burt Monroe challenge. We are giving ourselvs time for a weeks Fossicking on the west coast, I am wondering if there are any claim holders amongst you all who would let us go Fossicking on their claim with a pan a small sluice and a detector. We would be happy to drop you a bottle of scotch or something.
any reply would be awesome
Merry Christmas Y’all


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Nobody keen to let a newbie have a go with a gold cube, sluice box, etc on their claim in the central Otago area? Happy to pay for the privilege…just want to experiment outside of public fossicking area with some battery powered stuff…no dredge yet but would like to graduate to that. If anyone willing to teach me how to use one I could help work your claim for free or pay to learn, etc.
Let me know please!