Pre-Xmas dredging trip

Managed to get over to the coast for a play before Xmas. Was following a wee pay streak from last time over there but unfortunately it fizzled out a bit (hourly rate wise)…

I think the main reason it fizzled a bit was that the bedrock dropped too deep and was taking too long to push forward with the 4" as wasn’t chewing through all the overburden quick enough. Bedrock had dropped to about 2 meters, almost all overburden to a few inches below the stream. Dug quite an impressive hole though!


It’s beautiful, bet it’s cold!
That’s are really nice large piece there.

Temperature wasn’t too bad - got a nice 7mm spearfishing wettie that keeps me nice and toasty :slight_smile:

That large piece caught me by surprise, found it in the sluice box on clean-up. Usually notice the larger pieces before they go up the nozzle. I was expecting it to be heavier, but it’s been hammered really flat by the rocks and folded over on itself a few times. Was happy when I spotted it in there, nice surprise.

nice going there gavin . that big bit looks like it the one I dropped of the bridge as an offering to the gold gods now they wont get it no wonder I’m not getting much.
you have a great Christmas cheers keith

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@kiwikeith lol - I’ll take your discarded gold any day :wink: Never did get over there for another detecting trip with you. Did you ever have a wander up that spot you told me about to have a swing?

hi gavin
no , I haven’t even had the detector out since you were over. I thought you had got all the big stuff that trip.
keep meaning to go for a walk up the hill but get caught up with getting colour in the pan so one thing leads to another and I end up putting the dredge in the creek. not to bad a area just got to work in the rain as there isn’t enough water otherwise
have a great Christmas and remember where we live when its to wet up the claim and you need somewhere else to go.

Did you follow that hole we were at upstream?? Gold is gold bro. Sweet shiny gold. Sorry I’m drooling now​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Still a good effort mate.

Yep, that I did… almost to the huge rock downstream. I’ll give you a shout next time I go to see if you want to join me again :wink:

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