Pre 1967 car glove box or trunk key?

Any Wilmot Breeden key enthusiasts out there willing to pin a make to the find?

The key is stamped ‘Union, Made in England’ on one side, on the other, ‘Wilmot Breeden, 5 (gap)33.’

This website, as I read it, (HOME) says that indicates a non ignition car key. Any advances on that?

Other finds that day include a George bronze, one cent, damaged current ten cent, a miscellaneous bit of copper and a portion of a copper door/cupboard latch, I think. Declined photographing the nail heads, suffice to say, there were a few.

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Possibly boot/door key off old Morris Minor or Mini sort of breed.
Mind you the boot lock on my old Minky was so worn that key would probably have fitted it :smile:


Here is some good info:


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