Pointerless detecting

For awhile now I’ve been detecting without a pointer. And I’ve become quite good at narrowing my target down, I can get it to a 5-10cm location (I’m using a 10x5" coil which helps a little).
In the future I will have a micro pointer. But the only time I expect to pull it out will be during underwater detecting (possibly night detecting - as it has a light) as things can shift underwater & the less messing about & disturbance of silt the better.

[Runs off to fit an on-off LED light to my detector coil.]

Back in the 1980s I used a Garrett Deepseeker - in fact it is in the room next to me now - when I got a target I swept Left to right, then up and down and the target would be precisely pinpointed below. It was/is a great machine. Pin pointers had not been invented.

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Also you can determine depth if you have ‘crappy’ detector like mine :laughing:. Test the range of your detector, then hover over your target at height then slowly swing back and forth while lowering until you get a beep.