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Poetry By Goldenboy

So, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my poems. Would be grateful for any kind of feedback. More poems are coming! :grin:

The Unfortunate Prospector

A young prospector
Swung his metal detector
Patiently over the ground
Listening for any good sound
But no signal was ringing
So he kept on swinging

An older detectorist
Got a really sore wrist
Two years of searching had hurt his arm
But he knew the old saying:“Third Time’s a charm”
The third year passed, but the detector wasn’t singing
Disappointed he kept on swinging

Time went past and the man got old
There was yet no sight of gold
Not even a bottle top
What a flop!
Then one day it suddenly hit the prospector
He’d forgotten to turn on the detector
That’d explain why the detector didn’t bark
And why the screen was so dark

Elias.W 20-09-2017

Pull Tab

He must have been an evil man
He who invented the beverage can
Or more specifically that thing on the top
If only someone had made him stop
You see, I hate nails and aluminum foil
But pull tabs really make my blood boil
They’re so annoying to find
Can make any treasure hunter lose his mind
So many holes dug in vein
And we’re all too familiar with the pain
Of thinking you’ve finally found the stash
But all you find is modern trash

Elias.W 21-09-2017


Looking for more, i see you really love poetry.

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keep it up, not bad for an aussie

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Thanks! Not an Aussie though, I’m from Sweden :stuck_out_tongue:

If Swedes eat swedes does that make them cannibals?

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Only if Kiwis who eat kiwis are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did you say Kiwis - Yum yum! A very good answer - well thought out!

Well… I’m glad I’m not from Turkey…

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Yesss wellll - I would LOVE some TURKISH DELIGHT! Darker skin, flashing eyes but the only thing is it might increase the population of wee Turkeys - nothing wrong with a bit of Turkish delight.

Ha, but nowhere as hot as eating a Chilean from Chile!..

I reckon that a Brazilian eating a Brazilian would be much hotter! I must tell myself off for being rude!

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