Poachers i have meet

how bout this old bugger panning for gold in my fish pond


jeez that could be me. he might be a wee bit bigger round the waste though

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Hey that guy owes me a bottle of whiskey and im sure thats my GOLD pan from my last life.

Shady as


yea the puk stole that bottle. now he has come back for more. as for the pan it had a glove attached in the glove were these fingers , only 2 though

Did you say fish pond - I LOVE fishing as long as its Nickel Spinner, Ministry of Works Minnow or Chemical Persuation

yea in my fish pond . silly bugger the only thing in there and GOLD fish. spent today up denniston first time with no colour

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Thats a bit grim - come stay at my place - I will have a word to the boss upstairs and tell him to keep the weather fine. Colour guaranteed - sometimes!

Did you say that you have GOLDfish - I did once hear of a bloke that had a chook that laid GOLDEN cackleberries but unfortunately the silly bastard screwed its neck because it wasnt laying them fast enough.

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would love to do another visit with you but now I’m retired finances are a little tight. will give some consideration next year must be your turn to spend time up here
my GOLD fish are for fattening up to eat so I suppose I will have to kill them as well one day

Killing GOLD fish sounds fun - yes I do want to get up there and the bugger was that it was on the Christmas agenda BUT things went foul. I was going to drive my 4wd down from Auckland via the West coast and come see you in January BUT an uncle was inconsiderate enough to cark it in Wellies last week so I had to drive down to Wellies in a hurry- go to thew send off - then across on the ferry and a quick trip home - Picton to Dunedin via Murchison in 14 hours…sort of spoilt my January plans because iron horse is here now BUT yes definitely in my plans.