Please identify

Possibly a fire Poker handle.

Looks like a stool leg, is it metal?

dildo for a big???

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Was thinkin the same, or for a pot.
Gee wiz, highly unlikely to be a didlo or stool leg, then again.


Could also be a handle off an old chain flush toilet.

Is it brass Dino69 ?

what are the figures in the decoration might give you a clue.

It’s metal when I get a chance I’ll send some better pics. Closeups of the design

Looking at it closer I think it’s a lamp . I cleaned it up and the design looks like a lamp shade with a pull chain.

Hmm, could that lamp be a bell perhaps.


Looks like top of cast iron fence, possibly around a grave at each corner.

still think its something my motherinlaw has under her pillow.

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:grinning: For protection from intruders!


of course … what else?

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