Playing in the Paddling Pool

Time for a born again gold miner, to try the gear out. Frig from an 8 inch dredge, to a five inch, to a four inch to a two and a half incher. Roughly every 10 years I down sized. As I grew older everything slowly dwindled. And keep your minds above the belt lads. So its paddling pool trials for the wee fella.

Cheers “The Hatter”


I love it but sadly the comment about keeping the thoughts above the belt should have been right at the top - first sentence. Surely your not as old as me and I was thinking of coming out of retirement to have another go at gold mining regardless of a series of quaint ailments such as severe stomach ulcer, severe back/hip pains, carpel tunnel syndrome and so on - come on dont downsize - go bigger!
I love the set up though - looks like a plumbers nightmare but then again my doctor told me I was a plumbers nightmare as well but he also said that these wee blue pills he prescribed for me would keep me going in the meantime.

you really want me to comment when you telling me to keep above the belt.
so many things to say. but sitting in the pool the water wouldnt even come up to the belt
the older we all get it all comes down to one common complaint .
HANG in there, thats all it dose theses days

Yep Lammerlaw, sure is a Plumbers nightmare, mind you I made the Plumber and Mitre 10 rich. I’m 73 for the record. The sluice I am playing with, was built by me about six years ago with some great expectations in mind. Kinda got disillusioned with gold and that all that. But like I said now reborn. Its built outa Polypropylene sheet plastic. I Plastic weld. The whole setup is designed to run with a gold cube under it. The fines go down to the cube and anything bigger than a quarter inch is treated on the sluice mats. I have also added 3 sections of Gold Hog Rubber mat, The “Downdraft one”. After the thread here on mats. I thought ok, I will try one out. To see how it goes. Im gunna put a crash box on the top of the sluice to slow the water flow down a bit. Now they are old and outdated, but I liked them. It’s all flares these days. Mind you, maybe I will make one, plastic of course. Call me Plastic Man. I have another option with this set up. Just drop the fines into a plastic tub, fill about three tubs.
Shut down, block off the drop outlet. Then suck up the stuff in the tubs, with a small suction nozzle I made, plastic of course, kinda a copy of the hydro Force Suction nozzle.and put it through the sluice at a slower rate. So much to experiment with. Now seeing there are two dirty minds on here, you need a clean up lol. So time for some water. This will be an ongoing thread as things are developed and then put into the field and make me rich, ha rich. Do gold miners ever get rich. Bugga site won’t handle vids, so will utube it tomorrow and put up.

Cheers Trev aka “The Hatter”

Ha got it done.

Cheers aka “The Hatter”


Nice job, well done, incredible

Looks awful sophisticated but when it comes to the crunch then what ever works is good. A lot of your terminology is a bit beyond me…shhh dont tell anyone but l have no idea at all about gold cubes! A lot of these modern gimmicks, devices, inventions, gizmos, paraphernalia and gadgets are out of my knowledge and experience range.
I guess l am old fashioned and being a cross between Shylock and Uncle Scrooge l have never bought modern gear.
I never even upgraded my gold dredge until my old man gave me his engine and in my younger days used to manhandle an 8hp Briggs and Stratton motor with a 3 inch Aqualite pump which was anything but light.
I do like the look of your setup though.
As for clean…clean body grubby mind.
I think that those gold miners who persevere and stick to it can get rich…but then again that depends on ones definition of rich. After a lifetime of gold mining l am poor, destitute, insolvent, bankrupt and financially embarrassed - please give generously to the pauper - payment in gold acceptable!

If i wasnt destitute myself I would gladly be donating to your cause, perhaps you could pop over for a sherry one day.