Pinpointer recommendation

Morning all. I’m looking for a new pinpointer and would like recommendations from anyone who has one that covers what I’m after. I have a nox 800 which I use on the beach, on land and up creeks looking for gold so I’m after one that is a bit like my nox and does a bit of everything. Needs to be waterproof, I have almost decided on a whites trx because they seem to pick up tiny bits of gold (which is all I find!). Also like the look of the quest xpointer pro but unsure about the idea of a built in battery. I only got my nox in September last year and have had loads of fun with it already and keep digging targets so small on the beach like 5mm brass eyelets, these require grabbing handfulls of sand and waving under the coil, very time consuming! The nox pinpointer function gets me pretty close but it’s time to spend some more cash. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Was looking at getting one of these, trademe Listing 2040510001

Minelab PRO FIND 35 Pinpointer from Danidor on trademe

I saw those too but wasn’t sure on the small gold detection side of things. I have trawled YouTube looking at reviews but nothing was conclusive.


Small Gold_High mineralization_Give Brodie a yell @Atomic & get a Nokta

VLF - Solid Build Quality - Unbeatable Support - Nokta

Only downside if there is one is that some dont like button placement

Great units :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recommendation I had been looking at those too. Filled in the contact form on the atomic website a few weeks back but never got a response. I will try again or is he on here?

Hello - Sorry I am not sure where he advertises - I think he belongs to a FB group so unless you are part of that group ???

If you cannot get hold of him try Nokta directly - They are very approachable and do have the best International Support - Once you have their product and have any difficulties, you can go direct to the manufacturer - In my opinion, having piece of mind like that on any equipment in this hobby is priceless -

Try Brodie again - He is a little full on at the mo but i am sure he will respond

If not flick me an email & I will assist in getting this sorted -

One thing I did NOT check however and if you have time, try to find out from Nox owners whether there is a interference problem between the two devices - I have not checked on this as yet -

Hope this helps :wink:

All sorted thanks I found a number for Brodie on the Whites USA website :slight_smile: