Pink mercury for sale

Greetings friends,well i have some pink mercury and need a serious and ready buyer.

I have a yellow rock from Mars and I am also looking for a serious and gullible buyer.

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rip off. everyone knows the genuine mars rocks like the ones I have are red not yellow and would egbe abunaw be interested in a swap.

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I have sum moon rocks for sale from my last visit …… it was a good TRIP


@kiwigold Everyone knows red rocks come from Mars, your yellow rock is obviously Mooncheese.
I have reported you as a scammer.

Now, Mr. Abunaw - I am interested, but would like to inspect the specimens first. I have an uncle in Nigeria who will act as my agent, please forward USD$4,000 to his Western Union account to cover border bribes.


Well my dear,i have a friend at border patrol and why cant your uncle come down here?Besides its just a swap,so i dont think i will be sending $4000 to your uncle.

mr abunaw gave up easily. we don’t even get to scam the scammer

Show a picture of it to clear it up

Pink Mercury - now that’s a new one. I would be happy to buy a share in your wife’s pink pussycat. Is she for sale?
Please enlighten us by showing a photo of your pink Mercury as I am interested in obtaining some for my mineral collection.
I am quite certain that Benny the Pimp would like some as well to go with his Pink Cadillac Pimpmobile but currently he’s incarcerated in New Orleans prison, apparently for strangling to death a prostitute in downtown New Orleans because she was spying for a rival…well that’s life…or is it death?
Looking forward to seeing a photo of your Pink Mercury…is it a 1948 sedan or a coupe?

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I used to have a 47 mercury (sadly I sold it ) mine wasn’t pink , but it had pussy some pink on the back seat. the odd red deer in the boot. there always seemed to be a snake slithering round the car. always ended up between my legs

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sorry I forgot to add there was the odd beaver . some not so odd. never had a cougar though. if I remember there was once a hippo.


You are talking like a bunch of pricks.I will provide the picture once I get home cause now am so busy at a conference. See you soon.

But hey you ARE a prick arent you if you accuse others of talking like pricks. There is NO such thing as pink mercury. Mercury ore is red but it is not mercury. It is called cinnabar. Mercury is extracted from it.

The only genuine Pink Mercury is the singer!!!

Show us photos of your remarkable pink mercury - we all want to see it. Did you know that only fucking pricks scam people?

The only conference you ever went to is Scammers International - In Pidgin English they would call you ‘Big fella yabber yabber watch him that one’ - in other words a bull shit artist.

I will supply the picture of the hippo ….oh that’s right I don’t have a wide angle lens. would a picture of a possum do

perhaps the snake turned into a prick.

He thinks I am a prick I guess as his comment must refer to me as well maybe others - He must like pricks - he probably gets one every night to make him squeel - (how the heck do you spell that word?) - probably uses pink mercury as lub.

Hey where in heck is the photo Mr Egbeater_Aboutnow

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never heard of pink mercury must be contaminated as in its natural form it is silver in colour

What would or could contaminate it to turn it pink - nothing that I know of colours mercury. Mercury will never react to change colour with non oxidising acids HNO3 or H2SO4 though it can be made to form an amalgum with the likes of Aluminium.

As for pink Mercury - I think its no more nor less than a scam and have we seen a photo yet? No!

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if he does send one bet its a pink rock that will b ‘pink mercury’ and he will have proved his point. lol

mr abunaw must be at a bloody long conference. 21 days since he went on it. maybe he has sold his pink mercury