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Picking up my Garrett 300i today! Cant wait

Really hope the rain stops this arvo, going for my first hunt after work. Decided on the 300 from Jacob’s digital.

No pinpointer yet but that will come eventually.

Gl to all you going out this weekend. Cheers


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Best of luck for hunt hope weather holds for you. I started with a 300i too, low and slow and you will find some great stuff. A pinpointer option.

Used to use one worked fine till I drowned it in the river and lasted longer than my garrett one.

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So you won’t be after my 400 then?

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Don’t stress on a pinpointer if a target is so small that you can’t see it’s normally crap the 300 has a pinpoint mode just practice
With a few coins on the lawn

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I havnt actually purchased the 300i yet because I’m abit sick atm but yeah still keen I was waiting for a PM from you or something. Text me 02040521936