Photo size upload please

Hi all. I have just downloaded a photo resizer app for android which has options of pixels, cm and inches.

Can some kind person tell me sizes and which is best to use? TIA as going to use either tablet or smartphone and not computer.

I have a fair few programmes that deal with photos but it can be done with Microsoft Word 2010 which seems so easy to use for resizing photos and I use it all the time.

Thanks Lammerlaw, but Im going to try and get my head around uploading from android tablet or smartphone rather than the computer. Maybe mudwiggle will step in…he uses a phone.

Looking at settings it’s currently 4 mb maximum file size. Width and height can be whatever you like I believe, it’s more about overall file size.

Hope that helps.

I view my images on the PC, then use the Wormdows snipping tool to crop and upload.
Sorry, best I can do, my phone and I don’t have an easy relationship at the best of times…

If resizing, I typically aim for 800pixels wide.

Thanks guys. Think I have it sussed now. The suggestion from mudwiggle at 800 wide fell onto a chart I found on the internet where it said 800x600 pixels=1.83mb, and 1024x768 pixels=3mb. Thanks Gavin for the maximum mb size. That will do me.:grinning: ppi,dpi,resolution,pixels etc far far too complicated for me. So much for technology keeping life simple!