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PGM - Has anyone had a go in New Zealand?

Hello people,

the title really says it all. Has anyone here had a go at platinum group metals in New Zealand? And did you ever get anything to show for your efforts?

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PGMs on the southern coast coming out of the Waiau. reportedly some nuggets have come from the river. Fine platinum on the beaches, Orepuki and Roundhill, running at 1% of the gold concentrates. Alright as a by product but not worth chasing on its own. Platinum also coming out of the Longwoods. a Canadian company took a look a few years back but only took months to pack it in. I heard they were not happy putting up with NZ Govt and NZPAM. Will see if I can download some pics.

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Hey man, thanks for the answer and the link. I’m fairly well familiar with the exploratory work that’s been done as well as the history of incidental finds. Was more interested to know if anyone on here has actually had a go and how they got on.


Hi Hans, Hope these pics work OK .
Pic 1 is fine Pt on gold cube mat.
Pic 2 fine gold and Pt magnified.
Pic3 &4 same
We get the concentrates after amalgamation and put them over an RP4 shaker table

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Excellent! Glad to hear that you’re getting some. I’m kind of thinking of having a play myself, so it’s good to see that it actually exists. Exploration reports on PGM and osmiridium from a certain era are notoriously unreliable, which is kind of why I was asking.