Permit Watch service

Interested in keeping an eye on what’s going on with gold claims in your area? You might find the email alerts from Permit Watch useful.

Here’s some examples of permit alert emails:

PermitWatch-ExampleEmail1.html (95.8 KB)
PermitWatch-ExampleEmail2.html (50.7 KB)
PermitWatch-ExampleEmail3.html (44.5 KB)
PermitWatch-ExampleEmail4.html (63.9 KB)

The permit alert emails are a preview of things to come. More improvements are planned.

The service now has a basic site at where you can create and manage your own permit alert subscriptions.

If you requested early access and are already receiving alert emails, you can set your own password by using the “forgot your password” page with the same email address your alerts are currently going to - Forgot your password? - Permit Watch