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Permit Map Redeveloped

The permit map was starting to cost me a small fortune as it’s so popular. So I’ve redeveloped it using a different method which should hopefully get rid of the monthly bill.

Please let me know if you notice any issues with it so I can fix them :wink:


oh, I’m so sorry, didnt realise it was costing so much, I was using it for everthing.

That’s all good - I put it out there for people to use :wink: Just didn’t realise it would get so much use and Mapbox, who I was using to show the permit details on the map, suddenly put their costs up a good few months back.

All good now though :slight_smile:

gavin if u want to pm me your bank details ill chuck in a few $. wont be a lot but i challenge other users to do the same. help the guy out. runs a dam good site.

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I agree man and will do the same. Fire the dets this way @gavin

Good idea. Count me in.

The new map appears to work great I tried the old one a few times but found it didnt display the permit areas very well on two of my laptops especially when I zoomed in and out but this one looks great… Thanks for all the work you have put into it… It will now be a great tool to keep me away from claimed ground when I head South later this year :slight_smile:

Thanks for the generous offers to chip in, it’s much appreciated. There’s some options on if you’d like to chip in. But please don’t feel obligated as I’m hoping the advertising revenue should cover the costs now :crossed_fingers:

Rather than spending $ and time on it why not just post a link to the Nzpam map ? , i never use the forum map as it only shows granted consents not the pending one,s

i always use gavins map because i find the nzpam site a pigs ear to do anything on but maybe its just me.

@sootypete I must admit that the NZPAM minerals map has gotten a lot better in the latest incarnation thankfully. I’d originally provided the Paydirt map of filtered gold-only permits as the NZPAM one used to be far too noisy to use easily. I figured it’s a handy simplified tool for people not wanting to end up on granted claims.

I had contemplated including permit applications but figured they aren’t as important to the most users here unless you’re looking to lodge a claim.

I like that! - post must be at least twenty characters - post must be at least twenty characters - post must be at least twenty fucking characters…is that enough?